Kuki and the Bard

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British born, Kuki Warburton and her brother, Isambard live a life far from the ordinary. Ever since they can remember, they have been on an extraordinary journey in search of peace, harmony and a sustainable eco-friendly way of life. A family quest for a simpler more principled and fulfilling life.  For over a decade, they have counted India, Morocco and the Hebrides amongst their homelands and currently reside in the south-west of England, living within a community dedicated to a self-sustaining way of life where they live in hand crafted tented structures, powering their lives and their music by the energy they can harness from the sun and the wind.

No school and freedom to be themselves has allowed them to live with eyes wide open, allowing their creativity to thrive through music and art that is refreshingly non-judgmental and that cares about the planet, the people and our future.